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Things You Must Know About
Selling Real Estate

Fact #1

Did you know you can lose money and time by over pricing your home?

Fact #2

Preparing your home for sale is often more important than pricing it right. Start by fixing, painting, and cleaning it.

Fact #3

Want top dollar? You need an agent with a marketing plan.

Fact #4

Plan ahead – The average time to preparing, market, and sell the house is 45 days. Additionally, Escrow takes 45 days.

Fact #5

There are 20 ways a buyer can back out of an escrow – Work with an agent that controls that

Fact #6

Buyer financing is more important than the offer price – Make sure you and your agent double check financing

Fact #7

80% of value is square footage of home, 10% amenities, 10% condition & neighborhood

Fact #8

Be Flexible. Sellers that are flexible about price, showings and timetable WIN!

Fact #9

If you are not in a property within 90 days — either you or your agent are not serious about buying a home

Have You Priced Your Home?

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